NetCentrics & Cerberus Drive Long-Term Growth Plans

NetCentrics Corporation (“NetCentrics” or “Company”), an established leader in cyber security, information technology, and telecommunications, today announced that a subsidiary of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. (“Cerberus”) has taken over the company. In connection with the transaction, Cerberus has provided an equity investment that will further increase NetCentrics’ financial flexibility and support its long-term growth plans.

Cerberus, the global leader in alternative investments, offers extensive public sector investment experience as well as industry-leading technology and industry expertise. With support from Cerberus, NetCentrics is well-positioned to further accelerate its growth by continuing to invest in its capabilities and strategic opportunities. The partnership comes as NetCentrics, a nearly 30-year-old government contractor, continues to expand its business to serve clients in the public and private sectors.

“NetCentrics has a long history of applying in-depth experience, a forward-thinking approach, and creative solutions to meet evolving client needs,” said Joseph Naccarato, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Credit Officer for Cerberus Business Finance. “We look forward to working with the company as it continues to lead the way in emerging technologies that support its customers’ success.”

In the next phase of business growth, Kenny Cushing joined NetCentrics as CEO. Cushing is an experienced cybersecurity and technology leader with over 25 years of experience in the public and private sectors.

Cushing says, “NetCentrics has become a trusted partner, continually helping customers solve their most complex issues today and tomorrow. I am honored to be part of a talented team and lead the company into the next chapter. Cerberus has a powerful combination of industry experience and technology and operations expertise. With their support, I am confident that we will be able to drive the growth of our business by continuing to invest in our market leadership capabilities. “

Naccarato added, “Kenny is a talented and passionate leader and will be an exceptional partner as NetCentrics seizes strategic opportunities to reach even greater heights.”

Cushing has extensive business leadership, management consulting, and military experience in the private sector, the US Department of Defense (“DoD”), the intelligence community, and federal civilian agencies. He joined NetCentrics from Avantus Federal, where he served as senior vice president and led the company’s defense division, overseeing operations and growth strategy. Before Avantus Federal, Cushing was a senior Department of Defense employee at the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (“CISA”) in the Department of Homeland Security. He was also director of marketing for General Dynamics Mission Systems and head of new IT products and led a market-driven culture and product leadership model to help the company leverage its innovative capabilities to solve the most critical security challenges of the world. His career has spanned a variety of leadership roles in the military, government, and commercial sectors, including director of technology for the director of mission operations for the National Reconnaissance Office; Head of Engagement at McKinsey & Co; and CEO of several technologies and business services companies. Cushing will also retain his military role as Director (Colon., USAF Reserves) at CISA (DHS).