Martech Leader Zeta and Adara Collaborate on New Engagement Solutions

Zeta (NYSE: ZETA), a cloud-based marketing technology company that empowers businesses to acquire, grow and retain customers, and Adara, a global leader in consumer predictive information, today announced a multi-year data partnership to drive travel and hospitality Marketers have a better view on an individual level to accelerate customer acquisition and strengthen customer loyalty.

The partnership will create the Traveler Data Cloud, which combines the Zeta Identity Graph, which comprises more than 225 million consumers in the US, with the robust Adara travel signals from more than 300 global brands. The Traveler Data Cloud empowers marketers to actively identify consumers in the travel marketplace, understand the best ways to reach them, and enable personalized marketing programs through the Zeta marketing platform.

As COVID-19 vaccination rates continue to increase and the country continues to implement new policies to make people feel more confident about the variants, most indicators point to an increase in travel demand in 2022. In recent data Adara, hotel visits have been lower recently. two weeks earlier, for business travel, it had almost doubled since the beginning of the year, and family leisure travel has continued to grow just 20% since the beginning of the year in early June. The trend will gradually increase after 2022, as also confirmed by the latest report by the International Air Transport Association, which revealed that 57% of people plan to travel within two months of the start of the pandemic.

Traveler Data Cloud offers new precision marketing capabilities to help brands grow faster as travelers return. Deeper consumer insights with real-time campaign activation capabilities enable marketers to deliver richer personalization across all marketing channels, including connected TV, online advertising, email, SMS, website, and a lot more.

“People want to travel again, and while some have already started after receiving the surveys, we expect consumer interest to reach new heights in 2022,” said Eric Bamberger, senior vice president of travel and hospitality at Zeta. Global. “However, consumers are looking for flexible and constantly evolving plans that require travel and hospitality brands to have a deeper understanding of the unique needs of each traveler. Our partnership with Adara will provide brands with insights and insights. Acquire customers and protect loyal relationships during return traffic. ”

Brands will have the opportunity to campaign for a personalized audience, including interest in flights, hotels, car rentals, local attractions, national and international travel preferences, and active loyalty relationships. These new data signals are combined with robust demographic, location, transaction, and behavioral data already available in Zeta’s identity infrastructure.

Maury Lundahl, vice president of marketing and e-commerce for Extended Stay America, said: “Together, data from Zeta and Adara add unique value to our omnichannel marketing programs. Combining website data, customer data, and path signals in the market, our agency, WMX, can position our campaigns more and more efficiently to obtain optimal results and higher returns. ”

“One side effect of the pandemic was the rapid adoption of digital technology by consumers, which at the same time raised their expectations for personal care,” said Carolyn Corda, CMO, and CCO at Adara. Now, more than ever, consumers expect brands to adapt to their needs and preferences, a result that brands can only achieve with predictive, meaningful, and actionable data. We are very excited to partner with Zeta to leverage their platform with consumer-level intent and transaction data to help winning brands increase consumer engagement and build brand loyalty. “