Marchex wins APPEALIE Overall SaaS Award for Analytics and Business Intelligence

Marchex, the award-winning AI-based conversational intelligence company that helps companies turn strategic insights into actions that drive their most valuable sales results, announced that it has been selected as a SaaS award winner in the Analytics category in 2021. + Business Intelligence APPEALIE SaaS Awards.

Marchex won the award based on its conversational intelligence platform and suite of sales engagement products. APPEALIE SaaS Award winners were selected based on Net Promoter Scores™ (NPS), UI / UX, recent product enhancements, and surveys by third-party analysts, among others.

APPEALIE’s choice of Marchex for this award reinforces Marchex’s will to gain recognition as a market leader. In 2021, Marchex received eight awards, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence Excellence Award
  • Martech Breakthrough Award
  • AI Innovation Award
  • Stevie Gold Award
  • “The Sammy” Technology Sales and Marketing Award
  • Best Call Monitoring Software Award
  • Best Incoming Call Monitoring Software Award
  • APPEALIE SaaS Global Award for Analytics and Business Intelligence

Additionally, Marchex was recognized as an industry leader in product integrity and flexibility for applied conversational intelligence by Opus Research in its Intelliview 2021 research report on conversational intelligence.

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“Marchex is honored to have honored APPEALIE with the Overall SaaS award for Analytics + Business Intelligence, demonstrating Marchex’s ongoing effort to deliver conversational insights in innovative and practical ways that help companies improve the customer experience and drive better sales results,” said Ryan Polley. Marchex Director of Operations. “Our team remains committed to bringing AI-based business intelligence solutions to market that help our clients gain the strategic insights they need to act immediately and drive more business.”

Marchex’s conversational intelligence platform, with AI-powered sales and marketing engagement solutions, helps companies turn strategic insights into actions that drive sales. Multi-channel voice and text capabilities enable sales and marketing teams to deliver the shopping experiences today’s customers expect. Key end-users who interact with Marchex solutions include brand managers, general managers, sales managers, marketing managers, and sales representatives. Marchex is the trusted conversational intelligence partner for leading companies in critical industries including automotive, home services, healthcare, real estate, and seniors, spanning many of the world’s most innovative and successful brands.

The Marchex Sales Engagement suite of products is a suite of multi-channel conversation intelligence solutions that leverage Marchex’s powerful AI technology to empower sales teams to improve sales results while delivering a better shopping experience. The technology reveals key sales insights by analyzing the content of voice and text conversations. Sales teams can streamline the sales process to understand each customer’s intent and the outcome of the conversation. This helps to increase sales efficiency, increase salesperson productivity, prioritize leads, and recover lost sales. Thus, it provides a better shopping experience to ensure that the customer has the experience that represents the company’s brand, leading to better sales.