Intouch Group launches Affiliate for medical communication

The Intouch Group, a full-service global network of pharmaceutical industry agencies, today announced the addition of Intouch Medical Communications (Intouch MedComm) as its newest subsidiary to meet growing customer needs.

Fully integrated into the Intouch group’s network, the Intouch MedComm consists of a large group of physicians, PhDs, and pharmacists with scientific and digital knowledge, along with other qualified specialists in various disciplines, who have decades of experience in the worldwide use of medical and omnichannel problems experience in more than 32 categories and nominations. Intouch MedComm applies clinical knowledge to create innovative and engaging experiences to enable scientific exchanges that promote deeper brand engagement among healthcare professionals, field services, and patients.

“Customers have demanded the most modern, innovative, and forward-thinking medical communications services, and our heritage of creative and digital skills, combined with the omnichannel experience, perfectly positions Intouch to deliver,” said Boris Kushkuley, President, Services, Business and Consulting. , Intouch Group. “Intouch MedComm is unlike other agencies. We strive to redefine scientific exchange in a modern world while furthering our clients’ business goals.”

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Intouch has been creating effective medical communications since its founding in 1999. Offering medical communications services has increasingly become an important part of the marketing mix for Intouch customers. Kushkuley and Joe Wellington MD, senior vice president, managing director, and chief medical officer, lead this growing team.

“With COVID-19 as the catalyst, the need to modernize medical communications has become even more important,” said Faruk Capan, CEO of Intouch Group. “I can’t wait to see how Intouch MedComm further drives the business success of our customers and Intouch.”