Integration of Digital River and Fusebill Drives Global Growth for Subscription Business

Digital River, an experienced global retailer for established and high-growth brands, today announced a new integration with Fusebill to provide subscription companies with a fast, risk-free way to drive global growth. Because Digital River’s solutions are seamlessly integrated with Fusebill’s automated cloud-based billing management platform, the partnership will provide a complete solution for managing B2B and B2C subscriptions, reducing transactions, simplifying international tax and compliance challenges, through new entry markets and fraud softening.

An open-source e-commerce platform, Fusebill simplifies subscription and billing management, while providing control and flexibility for a dynamic recurring billing experience. In addition to providing a global payment gateway within the platform, Digital River’s integration will simplify back-office complexities such as global tax, fraud, regulatory compliance, and financial reconciliation for Fusebill customers.

“Making your global brand a complex process and doing it yourself takes a lot of time, attention, and people,” said Adam Coyle, CEO of Digital River. “By using an automated billing solution that provides the integrated back-office capabilities that Digital River offers, brands can allocate those resources elsewhere, freeing up the opportunity to scale across the world easily and at a much faster pace.”

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By unlocking the power of Digital River through Fusebill’s native integration, brands can reap the benefits of a fully automated payment provider, including:

  • Up to 30% reduction in operating costs
  • Up to 80% reduction in invoice processing
  • Access over 175 markets in just six to eight weeks

“We are excited to partner with Digital River to create personalized shopping experiences with intuitive solutions, self-service features, and multilingual support,” said Tuseer Eyamie, CEO of Fusebill. “Fusebill is designed for global growth and our integration with Digital River means our brands can now help streamline effortless expansion.”

As brands strive to accelerate global growth, Digital River’s new partner integration program offers brands and technology providers such as Fusebill greater flexibility and support to access Digital River’s global vendor services with their integrations. Partners can now provide their customers with one of the industry’s most powerful solutions for creating seamless shopping experiences and a way to quickly and confidently enter new global markets.