Forrester honors three organizations for accelerating revenue growth through marketing, sales, and product alignment

Forrester today announced that ArcBest, FARO Technologies, and Siemens Digital Industries Software are this year’s Return on Integration (ROI) winners. These organizations are known for integrating marketing, sales, and product functions to align business goals and deliver measurable results.

ROI winners will be recognized at the B2B North America Summit, held May 2-4 in Austin, Texas, and Digital. The B2B Summit in North America is the first opportunity for B2B leaders to align their growth strategies with the latest research, models, and case studies, designed with the priorities of B2B organizations in mind. At the event, winners will present their business transformation journeys and discuss how they used Forrester research, models, and methodologies to drive alignment and growth.

“We are excited to personally celebrate this year’s Return on Integration Honors winners,” said Monica Behncke, vice president and director of group research at Forrester. “These organizations have made bold decisions to transform their businesses. Each company has partnered with Forrester to overcome obstacles and make step-by-step decisions, leading to accelerated growth, greater productivity, and greater business visibility. They are a real source of inspiration for other B2B organizations looking to transform their businesses. We look forward to hearing your success stories at the event.”

“Siemens has embarked on a project to optimize data and improve the efficiency of the painstaking search process,” said Liz Arndt, Senior Director of Global Inside Sales at Siemens Digital Industries Software. “Siemens worked with Forrester to establish a unified view of per-contact engagement, enabling our sales teams to have smarter, more informed conversations with relevant members of the purchasing group. Throughout the project, we have continued support from Forrester. From the inception onsite discovery seminar to countless phone and written inquiries, spreadsheets, templates, research reports, and monthly status updates, they’ve always been with us.”