Climate Week NYC Reaches Global Audiences through Totem’s Virtual and Hybrid Event Platform

Totem, a London-based technology company, is honored to offer the virtual and hybrid event platform used to bring Climate Week NYC (September 20-26) to a global stage.

Totem helped New York Climate Week bring speakers, including New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, Al Gore, and Bill Gates, to a global audience with minimal environmental impact, allowing attendees to connect through the possibilities of a virtual platform.

Following the publication of the IPCC report on climate change in August, this year’s event was a focal point for the global sustainability movement ahead of COP26 in November, with more than 3,000 registrations from business and government leaders from around the world. Totem was used throughout the four-day event and hosted 21 sessions, including conferences, panel discussions, workshops, and live Q&A on the platform. The event had 53 sponsors and partners.

Totem allowed both virtual attendees to participate via the customized Climate Week NYC platform, while physical attendees of the hybrid event used the unique Climate Week NYC Totem app.

The totem was used for the opening day of New York Climate Week (Monday, September 20), with presentations by Alok Sharma, COP26 Chair, Gina McCarthy, White House National Climate Advisor, and Bob Moritz, global president of PwC

It also enabled people to participate in The Hub Live, a series of virtual forums, discussions, and workshops that brought together the experience and influence of the public and private sectors. It focuses on five key themes, including energy and transportation, finance, the built environment and industry, emerging trends, and food and health, with speakers including Kristina Kloberdanz, senior vice president, CSO, Mastercard, and Edward Palmieri, director of global sustainability, Facebook.

Alex Hughes, Director of Customer Service and Co-founder of Totem, said: “It was an incredible privilege to offer the technology and platform that made Climate Week NYC a hybrid event. Hybrid technology represents the sustainable future of events anywhere and significantly reduces the event’s environmental footprint.”

Mandy Simmons, Head of Events for the Climate Group, said: “When we launched this leading global event focused on climate action, we knew it was essential to give our global participants the same opportunity to attend, listen to speakers and give their voice. That’s why we chose to partner with Totem, enabling Climate Week NYC to deliver a truly seamless hybrid experience.”

Totem helps event organizers engage their audience and reduce their carbon footprint. Combining face-to-face experiences and virtual events, it was launched in 2020 to reshape the hybrid event scene in the wake of COVID-19. Totem allows organizations to create their own unique and customizable events, event schedules, features, and functions.

Organized annually by the international non-profit organization Climate Group in partnership with the United Nations and partnership with COP26 and New York, Climate Week NYC is a global opportunity to come together to accelerate climate action and accelerate COP26 progress sooner.