CafeMedia Announces Acquisition of Leading SEO Platform

The company has also introduced a new proprietary technology that provides content SEO opportunities with benefits for all publishers on the network.

Together, these technologies have provided their publishers with powerful content optimization and audience development.

CafeMedia today announced the acquisition of Chia Labs, Inc., developer of Topic, the SEO and content creation platform for SEO. The agreement provides exclusive access to Topic’s powerful natural language processing capabilities for more than 3,000 CafeMedia and AdThrive editors, integrated directly into the editor dashboard. To complete the integration, CafeMedia’s production and engineering teams have developed an innovative content generator, released today, that uses its proprietary keyword recommendation algorithm to provide a personalized list of winning content opportunities optimized for any publisher on the web.

The combination of these new features adds powerful content optimization and audience development tools to the CafeMedia line that analyzes data and provides publishers with targeted actions to improve their search performance. These features allow publishers to grow their audience and revenue and further extend CafeMedia’s commitment to empowering its publishers to build thriving businesses with data-driven technology and children’s gloves. The deal comes on the heels of CafeMedia’s rise to ComScore’s 10th digital property and the company’s milestone in paying more than $1 billion to publishers.

Search is one of the main sources of traffic for many publishers, making SEO a key area of ​​interest for audience growth. Based on a closed beta test conducted with a group of CafeMedia publishers, publishers updated using the combination of CafeMedia’s content idea generator and Topic’s robust content optimization platform allowed publishers to improve their search performance posts at an average improvement of over 30%. Today’s launch is the first in a series of new technologies the company will introduce to help its independent publishers expand their audience and attract more people.