Brightcove Introduces CorpTV B2B Streaming Tool

Video technology company Brightcove has launched a new tool, Brightcove CorpTV, to provide a platform for B2B marketers looking to launch Netflix-style streaming content.

By creating a streaming channel with CorpTV, companies can release content that can be viewed on smart TVs, cell phones, and other connected devices. The CorpTV platform also allows the streamer to earn premium content, earn sponsorship and even sell advertising time. CorpTV allows companies to keep all video content in one place and rank audiences based on their content.

External and internal audience. All streaming channels start with a CorpTV experience with a video gallery where viewers can choose which brands, case studies, TV series, or other content to watch. According to Brightcove, companies can also use the platform for internal use by employees.

As part of the launch, Brightcove also launched its corporate channel, the Brightcove PLAY TV app, using CorpTV technology.

Because we care. As we started to see in the third quarter, the B2B streaming channels are becoming one. Streaming technology is lowering the barrier to TV-style streaming, and companies like Salesforce are increasing the value of production and regular streaming programs in their Salesforce+ programming.

It is too early to say how far this supposed increase in engagement will reach the corporate audience. Will they watch a show hosted by Salesforce at night instead of Ted Lasso? However, the video streaming strategy is interesting for other B2B marketers who want their channel. And Brightcove is smart to meet this growing demand with CorpTV.