Branding Brand Joins the MACH Alliance

Branding Brand announced that it has joined the MACH Alliance, a group of independent software companies that focus on the best open technology ecosystems. Branding Brand’s compatible trading platform disrupts the quality and speed of digital experience creation by instantly merging headless technologies, including MACH Alliance businesses.

The MACH alliance is based on the common belief that the interoperability and open architecture of modern software will drive the digital experiences of today and tomorrow.

“With over 10 years of corporate retail experience at brands such as Burberry, CVS, and Levi’s, Branding Brand is an exciting addition to our team,” said Sonja Keerl, President of the MACH Alliance. ‘Their platform allows our members to easily prove their worth by advancing their headless technology.

“The MACH Alliance represents the future of digital, headless, and collaborative technology,” said Chris Mason, CEO of Branding Brand. ‘These values ​​are at the heart of our product, allowing you to quickly connect headless trading experiences. We are thrilled to join the MACH Alliance and are proud to be part of such an impressive group of peers. “