Anteriad and TransUnion Work Together to Provide B2B Marketers with Best-in-Class Audience Solutions

Ateriad has announced a new partnership with TransUnion. Through this partnership, Ateriad’s audience data will be available through the TruAudience data marketplace, enabling B2B advertisers to reach more potential customers in the market with more relevant marketing across growth channels, including connected TV, audio streaming, and advertising.

TruAudience solutions provide scalable identities to enable audience targeting and consumer engagement in offline, digital, and streaming environments based on a three-dimensional view of people, homes, and devices. TruAudience Data Marketplace is a leading destination for buyers and sellers of external audiences to enable targeting in streaming media advertising channels.

Ateriad partners with the world’s leading B2B marketers across industries including technology, fintech, healthcare technology, IT, logistics, and martech. Highly customized based on account-based marketing (ABM), B2B intent, and key technology and firmographic features, Ateriad’s target products are built to ensure accuracy at scale, defining business location rather than a domain. TruAudience Data Marketplace is seamlessly integrated into this single approach, extending its B2B reach to connected homes and consumers across multiple devices.

“B2B media buyers and sellers want the ability to transact on connected TV and audio streaming with accurate segmentation at scale,” said Michelle Swanston, vice president of media and entertainment and head of data market at TransUnion. “By providing access to Ateriad data on the TruAudience Data Marketplace, B2B marketers and publishers can deliver the right messages to the right audience at the right time.”

“KTV and audio streaming are valuable advertising channels for B2B marketers looking to differentiate themselves from the competition. With the TransUnion partnership, they have access to Ateriad’s highly relevant data to accurately target their audiences in a new context that can drive more leads down the funnel,” said Todd Love, Ateriad’s Chief Commercial Officer.