Amazon PPC Ads Advertising Business Agency Clear Ads Discusses Sponsored Ads Trends for 2022

Clear Ads, a renowned Amazon PPC agency, recently shared the top three sponsored ad trends for 2022. Known for its effective Amazon DSP and advertising solutions, the company regularly publishes high-quality Amazon ad-related content. Clear Ads Head of Sales George Roberts shares insights into the most likely trends in sponsored ads of the year to kick off the New Year.

As an Amazon ad expert, Roberts has the following sponsored ad trends for the year ahead.

  • Differentiating an Amazon product from others is now extremely difficult as the platform becomes more and more saturated every day. Roberts believes this can be avoided by using custom product images. Just one creative image, he says, can have up to 12,000 different size variations on and off Amazon. This is why the use of customizable advertising on sponsored brands is likely to be a strong industry trend in 2022.
  • Daytime parties will still be a dominant trend in sponsored ads through 2022. This underappreciated Amazon ad feature allows advertisers to run their ads only at specific times of the day, reducing ad costs by avoiding downtime.
  • Roberts firmly believes that the cost-per-impression (VCPM) model will be very popular by 2022. While sponsored display campaigns haven’t received much attention in the past, Roberts hopes that with the introduction, it will become a much more popular advertising option. VCPM model, allowing advertisers to pay for 1,000 buyer impressions instead of a single click.

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