All For One Media Announces Worldwide YouTube Launch

All For One Media Corp. (OTC: AFOM) (“All For One Media”, “AFOM” or the “Company”), an entertainment marketing company, wants to announce the global expansion of world drama for free YouTube, for free, this week on YouTube.

“We diligently researched the market and saw over 30 bids from interested parties to obtain full film rights,” said Brian Lukow, CEO of All For One Media. “We turned down all offers because we want to secure the largest possible market of viewers. As I’ve noticed several times, this film is a 100-minute advertising campaign to kick-start the launch of the Drama Drama brand, from which we hope to generate revenue from music, movies, merchandise, live performances, and various other broadcasts. “

YouTube has 2.3 billion monthly users worldwide and 79% of all Internet users have their own YouTube account. YouTube viewers watch over a billion hours of content every day. Management notes that YouTube has recently reported huge growth in the number of people watching YouTube on Internet-connected TVs. During Google’s latest earnings conference call, business director Phillipp Schindler noted that he believes “YouTube on TV is the fastest growing platform for the consumer.”

All For One Media YouTube

YouTube gives us the most coverage in the world. On the YouTube Drama Drama channel, kids can access the film in over 100 countries. YouTube is by far the largest The world’s streaming platform is the one that creates the least friction between content and potential viewers. No blocking, no entry required, no selling price. Just content. We consider eye maximization a #And goal that we are pleased to share Drama Drama with the world.”

Additionally, girl group Drama Drama will release their first single “Perfectly” this week on all music streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music.

“We are very excited to bring new dramatic music to the masses,” concluded Lukow. “Perfect” is a beautiful pop song that resonates with our audiences as we expand the Drama Drama brand.

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