Advertising Platform Opera Ads is launching a self-serve platform

Opera announces the launch of its self-service advertising platform, Opera Ad Manager, based on DanAds, a customizable and scalable self-service advertising technology infrastructure for Tier 1 publishers. It is designed to create, manage and communicate ad campaigns in one place. report. , so advertisers can reach customers at every step, from discovery to conversion.

Opera Ads recently proudly celebrated its second anniversary. Since its launch, it has become a force to reach and engage millions of Opera users around the world with innovative, content-oriented advertising experiences from Opera’s global inventory, product portfolio, and partner promotions.

Hundreds of millions of users choose Opera products to live their lives online. Consolidated financial results for the second quarter of 2021 showed that ad revenue grew 128% year-over-year to $28.9 million, primarily driven by revenue growth in Opera News and mobile browsers. Opera News independent revenue grew 442% yoy and 49% yoy compared to the first quarter of 2021.

For the past two years, the Opera team has been striving to improve the user experience by introducing innovative and versatile ad formats. As a result of these efforts, Opera is launching a self-service advertising platform, Opera Ad Manager, developed by DanAds, a leading provider of self-service technology. In response to the needs of our advertisers, we’ve made it easier and more efficient to access the Opera network and reach relevant audiences by providing an intuitive interface to access our inventory most transparently.

Opera Ad Manager is a portal that allows companies and individual service providers to advertise to their ideal audiences around the world, using an easy-to-use interface to access a large-scale inventory of trusted Opera browsers and applications. News in the most transparent way. The Opera Ad Manager introductory video is available here.

In response to the needs of our advertisers, we make it easier and more efficient to access the Opera network and reach and reach target markets through self-management and optimization of marketing campaigns. Opera now offers everyone the opportunity to buy and advertise with Opera, giving advertisers complete self-sufficiency in managing their campaigns. Opera lowers the barrier for advertisers worldwide and provides access to a large audience on a modest budget. It’s the perfect solution for small and medium businesses that want to advertise their business. Using the latest self-service tools, the ad placement process at each stage becomes simple, fully manageable, and easily customizable to tailor the campaign to your goals.

“At Opera, we are always looking for innovative technologies to integrate into our products and expand our offering. The partnership between Opera Ads and DanAds allows for complete automation of all advertising activities, which saves time and effort, which in turn increases campaign effectiveness and thus maximizes the ROI of every advertising dollar spent, says Per Wetterdal, EVP Commercial.

 “From day one, we were thrilled to be working with Opera on Opera Ad Manager. Our two companies have many similarities: they are Scandinavian players in a real global market and believe in the need for a transparent ecosystem. This is just the beginning of our partnership and we look forward to continuing our joint roadmap together,” said Istvan Beres, co-founder, and CEO of DanAds.

Opera hopes to continue implementing technologies that will allow brands not only to communicate with a large number of stakeholders but also to reach target audiences with precision. All with Opera and its innovative features in between.