Adthos Creative Studio Launches Largest Ever Audio Ad Campaign with Customizable Covid19 Vaccination Announcement

Launched this year, Adthos Creative Studio brings a world first: the ability to create high-quality audio ad anywhere using innovative text-to-speech and text-to-speech technology.

Creative Studio not only allows broadcasters and advertisers to create, produce and play their ads in record time but also access a variety of pre-built ads for different types of businesses or services that can be customized easy for your needs.

And now Adthos Creative Studio has launched a radio-ready campaign aimed at encouraging the download of vaccines that can be downloaded and used for free, with promotions in 6,500 cities in 40 countries and 70 languages ​​and dialects. For the United States, it includes the 1,000 largest cities.

With more than 13,000 creatives and since launch supported by stations totaling more than 250 million weekly listeners, it is the largest audio advertising campaign in history.

The company says: “At a time when fake news and misinformation abound, we believe that radio, one of the most trusted forms of media, has an important role to play in making a positive contribution to the world. And amid an evolving health crisis, the ability to quickly and easily create powerfully, targeted messages that can be spread across multiple locations is hugely beneficial, we also see it as a positive use of AI technology for the benefit of humanity. .”

Adthos is a brand new ad sales platform that will revolutionize radio advertising. The platform’s initial launch included the first ad serving technology developed specifically for online radio and streaming. The second version provides the first broadcast-quality AI-generated speech technology to create powerful and targeted ads at any time.