Ad technology specialist Smart AdServer integrates with Publica

Smart, the independent advertising technology platform, has announced a new partnership with Publica, a leading connected TV (CTV) advertising platform, to accelerate Smart’s growth ambitions in the fast-growing CTV industry. This integration is a critical step in Smart’s growing commitment to building a vertically integrated TV advertising platform for media buyers and sellers following the recent acquisition of the premium global demand platform DynAdmic CTV (DSP) in July 2021.

Publish and Smart is committed to the quality of programmatic advertising as the industry evolves. This partnership provides digital ad buyers and the CTV publishing community with an independent, scalable solution that focuses on transparency and privacy. Publica’s premium CTV publishing customers now have direct access to the Smart Global Demand channel, while Smart’s Demand partners have greater access to a broader range of premium CTV inventory through a unified direct auction.

By activating Smart as an SSP partner in coverage of Publica’s unified auctions, publishers can meet the unique and qualified global demand in emerging CTV markets in Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

“We are excited about this new alliance with Publica. It’s a classic example of aligning complementary roles to create a complete offering,” said Romain Job, director of the strategy at Smart publicity of common interest as we move forward to carry out our accelerated growth process in the coming years.”

“We are excited to partner with Smart to bring their differentiated demand to the United Publica auction. Streaming publishers are increasingly turning to Publica to make it easy to create business disruptions with our demand-neutral approach. “Integrating a global sales leader into the Publica platform will increase publishers’ CTV advertising revenue,” said Ben Antier, co-founder and CEO of Publica.