Accenture launches consultation dedicated to the metaverse

Professional services firm Accenture has launched a new line of metaverse consulting business that will support clients in everything from strategy to metaverse world-building.

Supported by new research, which found that nearly half of business leaders across all industries believe the metaverse will have a significant impact, professional services firm Accenture is gearing up its dedicated work on technology implementation.

The new group of companies, called “Metaverse Continuum”, will be jointly led by Paul Daugherty, CEO of Technology Group, and David Droga, head of Accenture Interactive.

“We are recognized as one of the first leaders in metaverse features, with 600 patent filings and over a decade of experience,” said Droga, who acquired Interactive last year. “Our new business group combines these capabilities with the creative power of Accenture Interactive, with teams of innovators and creators releasing new applications in the decentralized metaverse environment.”

The company expects a decade to come when the company will undergo a complete revolution, the metaverse will change the way companies communicate with customers, the products and services they offer, the way they are made, and even the way they do work. . He argues that as technologies like augmented reality, digital twins and blockchain converge, companies will face a future far removed from where they were designed to operate.

“The next generation of the Internet is evolving and will lead a new wave of digital transformation far greater than what we’ve seen and the way we all live and work,” said Daugherty. “Our view of the metaverse as a continuum challenges prevailing and limited views and underscores why organizations today must act or be in worlds designed by and for someone else.”

While it’s still in its infancy, it seems most companies agree with the metaverse’s potential to some extent. In a global survey of more than 4,600 business leaders in nearly two dozen industries, seven in ten believe technology will positively impact their organization, while 42% of executives predict the metaverse will lead to industry breakthroughs or potential reforms.

With a team of 800 experts, Accenture’s new Metaverse Continuum studio will offer a range of strategic consulting services, including branding and marketing, customer experience, and digital identity, to design, construction, and capacity management. metaverse, for example, for world-building, engagement, content management, market development, 3D commerce, and trust and security mechanisms.

The last point that the company considers very important. “As the lines between people’s physical and digital lives blur, organizations now have the opportunity and obligation to build a responsible metaphor, addressing issues of trust, sustainability, personal safety, privacy, access and use, diversity and much more,” he says. he concluded. Daughter. † “The actions and choices they make today will pave the way for the future.”