6sense acquires Slintel to provide B2B buyer intelligence

6sense, the leading account engagement platform, today announces the acquisition of Slintel, a leading provider of technology data focused on modern business, buyer and market insights, and modern business contact information. Following the recent acquisition of Fortella and 114% year-over-year revenue growth, the acquisition of Slintel 6sense reaffirms its commitment to leading the RevTech RevolutionTM, with the sales and marketing data needed to forecast revenue growth.

Start the new era of RevTech

By adding Slintel to its platform, 6sense increases its ability to put the power of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team, reinforcing the company’s commitment to transforming B2B revenue technology. For marketers, Slintel provides additional data points to build audiences, report AI-based forecasts, prioritize accounts and contacts for campaigns, and deliver personalized messages. For merchants, Slintel provides additional data points to prioritize accounts and contacts, understand relevant business and market trends, and adjust the scope. In addition, Slintel’s technical insights and renewal forecasts help sellers take the time to reach prospects and customers.

Essential data and account and contact-level insights for B2B revenue success

Slintel’s differentiated approach to account insight combines difficult-to-collect information, historical data, dozens of verified data sources, natural language processing, and human validation to produce a single layer of account information. Likewise, Slintel contact information represents highly selected B2B contacts that contain unique buyer insights to help revenue teams build personal connections while raising awareness.

Important Acquisition Highlights:

• Data from the 6sense Account Engagement platform is powered by Slintel technology and themed sales intelligence data, strengthening 6sense’s position as a complete GTM platform for B2B revenue teams. With Slintel, 6sense originally provides billions of key account data points and contact information, along with the best-selected data, and leverages a customer’s data sources and technology stacks to leverage powerful strategies. B2B in the market, insights, and orchestrations.

• Slintel enhances 6sense in four critical dimensions by adding: modern business contact information from verified sources; advanced technology, including AI-based prediction and confidence; Buyer insights based on account and contact-level psychographic data; and market insights into events, expansions, and other significant changes. Together, these data-driven features provide a unique level of intelligence that helps the power of 6sense discover shoppers before and during their purchases.

• Each week, Slintel acquires more than 60 positions in 15 million companies and then produces market alerts that notify GTM teams of relevant changes, including technical data updates or information signals for buyers. Slintel tracks 250 million B2B profiles, 100 million decision-makers, 50 million B2B emails, and 20 million direct shopper numbers.

Notable references:

“The acquisition of Slintel strengthens our powerful AI-based forecasting capabilities, allowing our customers to accelerate sales and predictable revenue growth,” said Jason Zintak, CEO of 6sense. “After record sales and team growth, and the recent acquisition of Fortella and now Slintel, we continue to deliver on our promise to change the B2B buying and selling experience and lead the RevTech revolution.”

“Data has always been an essential part of the 6sense platform and we are constantly looking for ways to bring more actionable and accurate data to the platform,” said Viral Bajaria, CTO and co-founder of 6sense. “After evaluating many data providers over the past year, we chose Slintel for the way they collect data, as well as the uniqueness and accuracy of the data offered on their platform, which will help all 6sense customers to become better. outperforming competitors. Also, Slintel’s 500% year-over-year growth is truly remarkable. “