36Kr Announces Video Marketing Partnership with Intel

36Kr Holdings Inc., a leading brand and pioneering platform dedicated to serving participants in China’s new economy, today announced that the company has provided custom short video solutions for Intel, enabling a new marketing partnership between the two represented companies to be created.

The innovative 36Kr marketing solution promotes laptops based on the Intel® Evo ™ platform in a professional, illustrative and intuitive way. Includes a 7-minute video introducing the design concept and performance of Intel’s premium laptops, as well as three short 4-minute videos featuring three of Intel’s original technologies: Intel® Wi-Fi 6, ThunderboltTM 4, and Iris® Xe Graphics respectively. These custom videos are distributed across the 36Kr network, as well as its various distribution points on major third-party traffic platforms, and have accumulated over 7 million video views and over 220,000 likes since their debut last week. . Superior 36Kr content creation and delivery capability have always been the company’s main asset, and Intel’s successful partnership is a strong testament to the excellent quality and influence of the 36Kr content matrix.

36Cr launched its short format video industry in August 2020 as a further expansion of its various content delivery formats including text, images, audio, and live streaming. The company has produced over 170 video programs and has gained over 6 million cumulative followers. This rapid growth and high popularity make 36Kr one of the industry’s leading companies in the financing of vertical short video content.

Short format video content is very popular among the younger generation and effectively extends 36Kr’s appeal to a broader user base. This allows the company to offer richer media advertising solutions and also creates new opportunities for 36Kr to work with more B2C branded customers. A growing number of corporate clients across all industries are running B2C marketing campaigns using short 36Kr custom videos to increase brand awareness and build new brand images.

Dagang Feng, Co-President and CEO of 36Kr, said: “We are honored that our short format video marketing solutions have been acclaimed by Intel. As we expand our content offering, we are excited to leverage our platform and attract more elite brands along with our New Economy customers. 36Kr will develop new perspectives to strengthen our clients’ marketing management and unlock greater business value, creating different solutions to meet clients’ needs. By using the short video format, we are confident that we can expand our customer base and increase our customers’ average spend. We believe we are well-positioned to continually improve our merchandise, while proactively seizing the great growth opportunities around us. “