Will Your Advertising Strategy Survive Privacy and Cookie Changes?

On-Demand | 30 minutes

Discussion Topics:

  • The impact of Apple and Google privacy and identity updates on marketers
  • How Gartner Guides CMOs and Digital Marketing Managers
  • Build a resilient advertising strategy to navigate continuous and overlapping changes

Apple and Google’s new privacy policies pose significant challenges for digital marketing executives. Changes can significantly limit or eliminate key data channels that drive digital marketing. This additional webinar explores the steps marketing directors and digital marketing executives need to take to address the impact of this new privacy policy now and in the long term.

Your advertising strategy should be to drive high-quality traffic to your website and collect leads. These prompts are fed with an omnichannel workflow.

Fail. A poorly thought-out advertising strategy is doomed to fail. While it’s hard to admit, you’re not the first to fall prey to a bad advertising strategy and you won’t be the last.

Perhaps more companies should have listened to John Wanamaker, a 19th-century American merchant, who said, “I know half of my advertising dollars go to waste… The problem is… I don’t know which half. “