The Digital Transformation of the Modern Marketing Leader

On-Demand | 1 hour

Discussion Topics:

  • The digital marketing leader’s current strategic goals and how they are evolving
  • The impact of the digital marketing leader’s change on customer acquisition and retention
  • Key strategic and implementation challenges faced by digital marketing leaders in 2021 and beyond

Digital marketing is playing an increasingly strategic role in driving business growth for most organizations. As we face an uncertain future, plagued by ongoing challenges and emerging disruptive forces, a safe bet is the growing importance of digital in the overall marketing mix and the resulting increase in the influence of the digital marketing leader. In Gartner’s 2021 Digital Marketing Survey, 36% of respondents who identify themselves as their organization’s digital marketing leaders said their current role is CMO, while 49% rated their role as vice president, senior vice president, or vice president -president-nominee. Executive president. For 75% of these digital marketing leaders, the responsibility extends to the entire organization, while just 25% say their authority is limited to just the business unit or regional division level. This additional webinar will help marketing leaders better understand the scope and definition of the current digital marketing leader, including the responsibilities and goals associated with the role.