Shape Your Marketing Organization for Success and Adaptability

On-Demand | 1 hour

Discussion Topics:

  • Identify the right organizational structure and possible deviations based on business needs
  • Obtain organizational acquisitions for a proposal to change and/or update the organizational structure
  • Help the marketing team maintain their performance standards in changing times

The global pandemic and the economic uncertainties that followed renewed the interest of marketing teams in rethinking their organizational structures. This allowed them to adapt to short-term changes and prepare for longer-term business needs and new ways of working. However, marketing teams that choose the wrong organizational structure run the risk of serious harm. Any changes also put more pressure on employees. Employees experiencing change-related stress outperform employees who are not stressed by change, on average, representing a final impact of $32.5 million per $1 billion in revenue. This free session helps marketing leaders determine the right organizational structure and the best ways to relieve their employees’ stress in times of change.