Precision Marketing: Leveraging Data using Data Management Platforms

What is our stance on precision marketing and why is it essential for marketers to embrace precision marketing over traditional forms of marketing in a digitally connected world? How the data management platform allows a marketer to achieve accurate marketing, which mainly contributes to media optimization, personalization, and greater brand reach. What are the different challenges in these aspects of marketing and how DMP helps to overcome them, adapting the customer journey across platforms, improving the customer profile to optimize marketing spend, and ultimately increasing brand reach with similar models?

Customers have never had such a beautiful life, in the sense that they now offer so many opportunities when it comes to brands and companies offering unique products and services.

On the other hand, too much choice can be bad if the customer feels overwhelmed and cannot decide which brand to buy from.

What all customers prefer is a brand they know well and that specifically tailors marketing campaigns and products to it. This will increase customer loyalty and prevent them from wasting time looking for the right brand every time they shop. Instead, they can go back to familiar faces.

Using an example from a shipping customer, he explains some important DMP concepts and how it allows a DMP to achieve its goals in a hands-on environment. With an ever-increasing amount of data, marketers can accurately target audiences and increase the ROI of their marketing spend. Finally, we discuss Publicis Sapient’s approach to enabling precision marketing for faster realization of the value of data investments and some of the success stories of past clients.

Key points of discussion

  • Why Marketers need Precision Marketing?
  • Challenges that Marketers encounter in elevating to Precision Marketing
  • Marketing functions a DMP supports in & how?
  • What is our approach to enable DMP in Marketing ecosystem

Who should attend

Digital marketers, Media Analysts, Digital Analysts, Digital Data Engineers