Optimize Connectivity Between Your Content and Customers

E-commerce is a determinant of a brand’s success. Digital customers are no longer just a way to build an audience and connect with your customers – this is where shopping happens. So how can brands offer customers different types of content wherever they want?

Business leaders around the world are realizing the competitive advantage of an excellent customer experience and its value. It’s not just about how they interact with their customers and prospects throughout their lifecycle, but how they shape their overall experience to increase conversions, lifelong business value, and brand loyalty. Where companies once thought the distinction between products and efficiency was the best way to compete in the online marketplace, today the distinction lies in optimizing customer experiences to make them integrated and omnichannel.

In this webinar, you will work with Nate Holmes, Product Marketing Manager at Widen, to explore how to effectively coordinate and automate steps in the content supply chain to get your content where it needs to be. The result: meaningful, connected experiences for your customers.

You learn:

  • Organize content for access, location, and discovery
  • Ways to optimize your content for use and reuse
  • What it takes to deliver meaningful and connected customer experiences