Web Summit-Marketing & Media

Web Summit attendees will hear the world’s top speakers on stage during keynotes, panel discussions, and Q&A, as well as marketing panels and masterclasses. That’s not all: your ticket gives you access to all PandaConf sessions and over 20 other tracks during the Web Summit.

Brands and digital marketing

As modern consumers’ attention wanes and their expectations for personal brand relationships rise, we explore exciting new ways for brands and publishers to reach consumers in the digital world.

Adtech technology and marketing

Businesses and individuals are now more dependent on technology than ever before. We’ll explore how to use the latest adtech technology and marketing tools to develop better products and run more creative campaigns more effectively.

Data and AI

From pushing the boundaries of personalization to customer needs with chatbots, the role of data processing and artificial intelligence continues to change the marketing landscape. Let’s ask the brands and entrepreneurs behind everything that follows.

Consumer privacy and a cookie-free world

Restrictions on online user identification and browser cookies have become priority issues. With several proposed solutions, but still no consensus on a new standard, industry experts will make their predictions and recommendations for brands and creators.