The MarTech Summit Bangkok

18 & 19 October 2023 | Thailand is one of the biggest economies in Southeast Asia and the capital Bangkok is full of opportunities and developments. In this MarTech Summit Bangkok, we discussed the status and development of marketing technology used by various companies, locally and globally, with a strong Thai base.

This variety of perspectives on globalization and localization tactics will provide a comprehensive understanding of current trends and strategies. Plus, Summit guarantees 85% participation in senior management roles, so you can learn and connect with CMOs, bosses, directors, and more.

MarTech Summit Bangkok is intended for senior executives in roles such as:

Marketing and Technology | Customer Experience (CX) and Engagement | Brand loyalty and loyalty | Data Privacy | E-Commerce Marketing | Digital Strategy | OmniChannel | Innovation | Social Media | Content and Narrative Strategy | CRM | O2O trade | Automation | Digital Transformation and Growth | Digital Experience | Full funnel marketing

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