The MarTech Conference®

March 28-29, 2023

Journey into 2022 armed with the tools, technologies, and tactics that will help you and your organization overcome critical marketing challenges: Attend MarTech, online March 29-30, 2022, for FREE.

At MarTech, you’ll unlock dozens of tactic-rich sessions led by real-world marketers and successful brands – and discover cutting-edge marketing technologies that save time, streamline operations, and boost profits.

The entire program is 100% free and 100% virtual — and all sessions and keynotes will be available both live and on-demand so you can train when it fits your schedule.

The customer has changed. We’ve all changed. Whether we’re talking about consumers, SMB buyers, or enterprise purchase teams… the old strategies to persuade someone to click on “Place Order” or sign on the dotted line have gotten tired.

B2B buyers are reluctant to fill out forms, very reluctant to spend time on video calls with sales reps. B2C buyers don’t want to scroll through endless catalog pages trying to find what they need or have to abandon their shopping cart when they discover the product will arrive too late or that the shipping cost is exorbitant.

People who have a bad experience won’t come back — and part of the bad experience is treating them like customers rather than as people. Like, people, your brand is going to recognize when they arrive in an unexpected channel. Like people, you want to have an ongoing relationship with rather than just transact business with.

Yes, marketing technology can help you resolve identities, understand their needs across multiple channels, orchestrate a journey (never forgetting that the customer is now in charge of the journey) and deliver personalized experiences. But MarTech isn’t just technology. It’s about the strategies, beliefs, and attitudes that support its effective use.

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