LocalU Advanced Marketing Seminar

Nov 30, 2021

Join us from around the world on November 30, 2021, 8:45 – 5:30 pm EDT for LocalU Advanced – See the best local research experts with a single focus…share it all.

If you’ve attended any of our other virtual events in the past 21 months, rest assured, this will be brand new content. New research and case studies, new topics, features, and opportunities will be discussed.

Our planning team works hard to ensure that our speakers don’t broadcast what you’ve heard at our conferences or others dedicated to local research. We pay our speakers and therefore have the best information and information available at a very reasonable price for you.

Whether you run an agency serving individual businesses, work internally for a large brand, or manage multiple business locations and accounts. Or if you want to expand from traditional SEO to local marketing, don’t miss Local U Advanced Training. All new content is presented by industry leaders.

These sessions are action-packed, delivered at an advanced level, and include ALL the latest information on what works and what doesn’t with local search engine optimization. Join us for a great day.